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The Power of Online Training Videos: 3 Essential Benefits

Human beings have always been highly visual, and especially so today. According to surveys done of today’s employees, 75% of workers are more likely to watch a video than to read an email or web article, and three out of five young business executives say that they will rely more heavily on business-class video during the next 5-10 years.

What does this all mean in terms of employee training? Quite a lot. As a young generation begins entering the workforce and rising up the ladder, a more visual approach to learning is going to be inevitable — and meeting the change head-on will be essential to doing successful business.

To meet the needs of Generation Y, an easy to use learning management system for company training will be key. Check out these reasons why, courtesy of LearningZen.   

Consistent, Accessible Training

An easy to use LMS will give you the ability to provide training to all of your employees without having to make recourse to specialized materials. Employees with impaired hearing, for instance, will have smooth access to the learning material. Likewise, if you have employees across multiple countries or continents, an online training system will give you the ability to do safety training and other learning in various languages and spare you the task of translating.

Refresher Courses Anytime, Anywhere

By having your training material in video format, your employees will be able to review their learning whenever they need, creating a significant advantage over live training alone.

Giving your employees the chance to learn and review on their own time also opens the opportunity for considerable cost-savings. Microsoft, for example, went from spending $320/person for training costs to just $17 by switching to video training.  

The Proven Results of Online Video

The superior results of visually-oriented learning are born out by scientific studies. In what is called the Picture Superiority Effect, studies have demonstrated that only 10% of information learned from reading is retained by the trainee after three days. In contrast, workers are found to remember 65% of the information when it is presented through a visual medium such as image or video.

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