Access our online eLearning services, specifically designed to take you wherever you need to go.

“How To” Video Production/Editing

LearningZen has a team of video production sherpas that will come to you and shoot “how to” videos on-site or edit footage you recorded from their offices if appropriate for the project.

Content Creation

LearningZen Instructional Designers will work directly with your team to build your online training courses. We will review all of your training needs, build storyboards, and turn them into engaging multimedia content.

Content Assembly

Don’t have the time or familiarity to create online courses, but you do have pre-existing content you want to migrate into a LMS? Let our team help you expedite your content assembly to get you content on our platform as fast as possible.

Training Program Analysis and Roadmap

At a crossroads with your training program and not sure how to proceed? We will perform a 2-day onsite analysis of the state of your training program. Upon completion of the onsite session, you are presented with a discovery document, a course matrix, a resource matrix, and a Roadmap.

Assisted Launch

The assisted launch is for people getting ready to roll out, be it a large community, a conference full of attendees or just a traditional go live. A LearningZen Sherpa will attend your event and train, co-train or assist with launch to assure the community of users know what the systems capabilities are and the best practices for maximum success.