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What is an LMS?

LMS stands for learning management system. An LMS is a system which can be used to develop, deliver, and track training of all varieties from one platform. An LMS provides an easy and affordable way to deliver the training your employees need, reaching all of your staff regardless of their location and schedule. Through the use of video, an LMS is able to provide training that is retained at a far greater rate than traditional instruction. eLearning is a great low-cost alternative to a traditional training program.

What Makes Us Different?

LearningZen offers the best Learning Management System for online training. We believe an online training platform shouldn't require an instructional design degree to operate. LearningZen was designed with YOU in mind. The system is template driven, making it simple to navigate for both your course authors and their learners. Additionally, LearningZen is SCORM compliant, allowing content to be created through third party authoring tools when desired. If you think training should be easy and intuitive, you'll love LearningZen. Let us show you.

Student Experience

Student Experience

Students enjoy an intuitive and mobile-friendly course that enables them to efficiently gain and track experience.

Admin Experience

Admin Experience

LearningZen administrators get full access to an easily-navigated control panel and dashboard.

Author Experience

Author Experience

Authoring courses is a breeze with LearningZen's built-in templated course design tool.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Send us an email or pick up the phone and talk to a highly-qualified support technician equipped to resolve any roadblocks along the way.

Exceptional Customer Care

Exceptional Customer Care

Your personal Customer Care representative is always available to help you maximize your investment with targeted tips, guidance and support.

Why use eLearning?

eLearning is one of the best ways to deliver consistent, engaging content to employees. You can use video content to demonstrate proper techniques which gets retained better than in person instruction or reading, and our SCORM compliant LMS means you can confidently track individual employee progress.

Online training can seem complicated but we make it simple! A learning management system allows a company to provide detailed, consistent training to all employees, whether it's bringing new employees up to speed, or keeping senior staff on the cutting edge! Video content can be created quickly to provide precise instruction, and our software can track employee progress. You'll feel confident that your LMS is functional, easy to use, affordable and, most importantly, effective!

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Ready to start your online training experience?

Whatever industry your company operates in, a learning management system can be an invaluable elearning tool. You owe it to your training program to see how our LMS software can improve and streamline your training process and ensure compliance and consistency. Request a private demo and we will show you how easy it is to create a course, upload an existing course, or work with one of our highly skilled course creators. Curriculum development becomes a breeze, while also being effective and engaging to your employees!"

Experience Matters!

The LearningZen team has over 75 combined years of training, instructional design and business consulting experience. We're problem solvers, and our goal is to help business owners empower employees with confidence and skills to exceed expectations. Our work experience ranges from franchising and telecommunications to non-profits and federal agencies... and everything in-between. Whatever your industry, we've created the ultimate e-learning tool to make your business run more smoothly.

We can create your courses too

Our software caters to the DIY course creator because its easy to use. If you'd rather have someone else create your course, we can help! LearningZen has course creators that will work with your company to create the right content storyboard a course layout. After your final approval, we'll transform vision to reality. Curriculum development should not be a roadblock to your online training success.

Our Learning Management System is software that is easy to navigate, low cost, and perfect for any course creator, whether DIY or working with one of our curriculum development specialists. Your company will benefit from a powerful, intuitive learning management system from LearningZen. Make the Next Move.

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