Discover the Best LMS for Franchise Training

Business franchises know how important it is to stay consistent across their company locations, but it is often easier said than done, especially when a business lacks franchise training programs. At LearningZen, understanding franchises is at our core. Our Learning Management System for Franchises allows you to scale your company with minimal hassle and makes it simple to maintain brand uniformity and scale training material without the exorbitant expense — even if your franchise locations are nationwide or global.

Empower your franchisees with online franchise training that provides learning experiences in an educational environment. See how it works today.

Training Shapes World Class Brands

The Major Challenges of Franchise Training

Franchises constantly face the challenging task of training hundreds to thousands of employees around the world, and the logistical nightmare is only part of a franchising company’s problems. Businesses also struggle to stay consistent across their franchise locations, to administer new training when company updates take place, and to reduce the costs of travel, catering, accommodations, and instructor fees associated with franchise training. That’s why worldwide companies like McDonald’s rely on LMS software. This technology makes worldwide training consistent, affordable, and readily available.

Why Use an LMS for Franchises?

Operating a successful franchise enterprise means providing consistent, quality training to all franchisees and their employees. Utilizing an LMS for your franchise allows you to confidently deliver the right content in a meaningful, easy-to-use way that will make a positive impact on the franchisees’ operation and bottom line. Staff receives training in an educational environment that promotes learning and retention, and you are confident that the correct processes and procedures are being taught.

Features and Benefits of Franchise Training Courses

Franchising companies require solutions that help them train employees across locations in different parts of the world. They need something that can scale from dozens to thousands of e-learners, while they adapt and standardize material for the sake of brand consistency — all at an affordable price. LearningZen designed its franchise training solution to meet all of these needs and more. 

Our franchise training solution is a system that:

  • Saves time, money, and effort
  • Allows for company branding
  • Has a rapid, built-in authoring tool for quick responses to business shifts
  • Can be scaled for multinational companies
  • Provides flexibility for learners 
  • Minimizes business downtime
  • Updates automatically
  • Allows you to create fun and interactive course material
  • Offers analytics and reporting for all locations
  • Costs less than other training alternatives
  • Supports fast and steady growth


Why Use LearningZen Franchise Training?

Train Without the Excessive Expense or Logistical Hassle

No matter what state or continent you have units in, an LMS makes your training courses available anytime, anywhere and eliminates the need to send a paid instructor out to each location of your franchise — which eliminates both the logistical problems of training and the exorbitant expense. Our LMS tool also connects users and updates automatically when you have new policies, products, or services so you can get training updates deployed instantly and easily to the entire company.



LearningZen has supported franchises and the International Franchise Association (IFA) community for more than 10 years. From fast and casual eateries to fine dining restaurants, service-based businesses and fun centers to education centers, senior care, home services, fitness, retail establishments, and emerging franchises — our platform supports them all. LearningZen allows you to create a best-in-class training solution to support franchisors, franchisees, multi-unit owners, managers, employees, and even service providers.


Consistency, replication, duplication, and brand awareness are at the core of franchising. Each franchise we work with has its own unique set of challenges and hurdles to overcome in order to achieve this goal. That’s why having an LMS with an easy-to-use course authoring tool and video hosting service is key. You can build online training content that is unique to your brand, and make sure everyone — including corporate employees, franchisees, managers, full-time, and part-time employees — is trained consistently. A consistent training program gets everyone moving in the same direction and eliminates surprises.


Your brand is what you sell and what owners buy, which makes it critical to your success, and if you don’t offer the same customer experience at every location, your franchise brand could suffer. A single negative review of a franchise location can negatively impact the entire brand. Online franchise training for management and employees helps create the uniform customer experience you need to achieve. Your staff will be able to understand what it takes to be successful, and we’ll be with you to make sure all your franchise training needs are being met.


The digital transformation shows no signs of slowing down, and an LMS will support the growing digital needs of a franchising workforce. Prepare your business for what’s to come. Schedule a demo with LearningZen today to see how your online training operations can become more efficient, and how an LMS can protect the continuity of your brand across franchise locations.