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LUMA1: Transforming Your Videos Into Engaging Tutorials

Did you know that information is retained 60,000 times faster than reading? Social media is clear proof of this. People retain more from what they watch rather than what they read because it is both a visual and auditory experience. 

Now imagine applying this to your training program, using videos to relay information and captivate your audience. Imagine if you could take it a step further. What if you could control your viewers’ learning journey in your training program, engaging with them using questions to gauge their knowledge and allowing them to record themselves or input information to increase interaction? See, creating training materials is just the first step. Making sure your viewer absorbs and retains the information is the main goal. 

LUMA1 takes your training videos to the next level by making them more engaging and interactive with features that create 360-degree learning with both input and output. Your training program will give viewers an immersive experience with LUMA1’s innovative features:

  • Interactive activities: Make your training video interactive with Hotspot and Drag-and-Drop activities that will keep your viewers on their toes the whole time.
  • Various question options: Test your viewer’s knowledge with a variety of question formats to choose from, be able to modify your questions with time restraints and limited attempts, and even bring your viewers to the relevant section in case they answer incorrectly. 
  • Control the learning journey: Direct your viewers through a learning path by turning off the progress bar or using a “Click to Continue” button to ensure their engagement the whole time.  
  • Custom forms: Collect data and information from your viewers through customizable forms. 
  • Record video: Increase engagement and ensure quality training by allowing your viewers to record and submit a video of themselves doing the task.
  • Maximize your real estate: Nothing is more captivating than an active screen, so use every inch of the screen with pop-up activities, text-on-screen, and video-on-video capabilities.
  • Downloadable documents: Provide your viewers with additional downloadable materials after their video training.

The LUMA1 Studio is where it all begins. LUMA1 makes your content creation a breeze with a user-friendly UI and features that will help you turn your ideas into effective training materials. 

From Content Creation to Content Management

From the home screen, you’ll easily manage and edit all your projects. Here, you can reuse your past content or videos uploaded to YouTube or create a new learning journey. You can record yourself or do a screen recording, and this is just the beginning. 

The LUMA1 studio allows you to upload your existing videos to use as your template. You can even use content from other platforms or systems, such as Articulate, Adobe, Lectora, and SCORM. You can also shoot your video, upload it to LUMA1, and watch the AI do its magic, like automatically adding captions!

Countless Elements to Enhance Your Content

Create engaging training material with various elements in LUMA1, including text, images, video, sound, slides, and different activities. All these elements are highly customizable. Apply your own design or use a template to make your video more captivating. 

You Are in Control 

Do you want to direct your viewer to a specific frame when clicking a particular item or pull up your company website when clicking your logo? Control every aspect of your video, from every element’s design and timing to how your video responds to your viewer’s actions. You control your viewer’s journey. 

Cutting-Edge AI 

Leverage LUMA1’s intuitive AI when creating your training videos. The AI is not only limited to AI-generated captions and voice; it can also assist you in developing questions for your viewers and can translate your video’s audio and captions to over 40 different languages. In addition to these, LUMA1’s AI is intuitive. It learns your terminologies and lingo as you edit your caption transcript and applies these to your content. 

Global Voice Option

Make your training video available to a broader audience without requiring a translator. Easily choose from over 40 languages, and the AI will create new videos with all elements and even audio translated into your desired language. 

Sharing your content is easy on LUMA1, as is uploading it to your LearningZen training videos. Simply generate an embed code from LUMA1 and insert it into your LearningZen or any platform. 

These features are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can accomplish with LUMA1, and the possibilities are endless. If you want to learn more about LUMA1 capabilities, you can watch the webinar, presented by LUMA1’s John Hudson and Teira Ellis and hosted by LearningZen’s Doug Mark. Come and learn what you can do with your training videos. 

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