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Streamline the Post-Hire Training Process With LearningZen

If your business is growing and hiring new people, you want to be able to add those people to your workforce as quickly as possible so they can do what you hired them to do: contribute to your business and help it continue to grow. 

To get your new hires to work as quickly as possible, you need to modernize your training methods. The best way to do that is by training your franchise with an LMS from LearningZen. Here’s why:

Get content that’s personalized for your franchise.

Depending on the product or service your business provides, you may need the training to cover a particular niche. With LearningZen’s franchise training software, this is not a problem because you create and upload your own content. The content creation process, like all other aspects of the software, is designed to be user-friendly, but if you need help, our content creation specialists will be there to back you up. 

Protect your brand by providing consistent training to your whole franchise

If you have a large franchise and try to train your employees at in-person sessions, they’ll all have different learning experiences and come out of the training with different levels of preparedness. That’s because they’ll be in different locations with different instructors. 

But with LearningZen, you’ll know that all of your employees are receiving the same exact instruction. They’ll be learning the same information and being assessed with the same quizzes.  They’ll be completing the learning program, exactly as you approved it. 

Get the most out of your investments.

Your employees are an investment, and so is the program you use to train them. When you hire new employees, you don’t want them to get bogged down in the training process. The longer they take to get the training necessary to do their job, the longer you’ll have to wait for the investment you’ve made in your new hires to pay off. 

With LearningZen, your training will be both quick and thorough. Your employees will retain the information they learn, so they’ll do more than just pass the final assessment; more importantly, they’ll be ready to do their job safely and correctly. 

To sum things up, here’s a short video:

LearningZen works just as well for recertifying current employees as it does for training new hires. To get a proper introduction to LearningZen, schedule a free demo.

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