Bottom Line - LearningZen will save you money

It's online training made simple, with tools to solve your training challenges. Investing in your employees' skill development enhances their ability to work toward common goals, increases confidence so they clearly understand what is expected, and cultivates brand loyalty. By using an e-learning platform you can:

In with the good

  • Improve user retention rates
  • Increase profits
  • Enhance job satisfaction
  • Improve accountability

Out with the bad

  • Reduce company liability
  • Cut waste and errors
  • Decrease training time
  • Reduce training overhead
e-learning has the power to increase knowledge retention rates by up to 60%
Student Experience

Student Experience

LearningZen students love the easy-to-use e-learning interface. With virtually no learning curve, the site makes registering for instructor-led courses, sending messages and tracking progress remarkably simple. So users can get down to the business of learning from day one.

With LearningZen you can effortlessly track:

  • Employee progress
  • Pending courses and certifications
  • System usage and statistics
  • Exception reports

Administrators can not only measure overall employee performance, but identify specific questions students perform poorly on. This allows admins to adapt courses so they target and strengthen employees' particular areas of weakness.

Companies that offer e-Learning and on-the-job training generate about
26% more revenue per employee
Author Experience

Author Experience

Our course builder walks clients through step-by-step program creation. We also offer:

  • Video Upload Hosting
  • Reports
  • Metrics
  • Notifications

Customize the course experience with things like assessments, quizzes and instructor-led course management. Need to import third party courses? Our system does that too!

One of the top three reasons an employee voluntarily leaves
a company is to advance their career with greater
opportunities for training and career development

Exceptional Customer Care

Exceptional Customer Care

Unlike many businesses, we employ a proactive approach to customer service. Our team will follow up with you to ensure you're achieving or surpassing your ROI. We understand that learning programs don't build themselves, and our team is equipped to address whatever hurdles you encounter.

Technical Support

Technical Support

At LearningZen, we believe in listening to and understanding your challenges so we can customize solutions that address your unique pain points. When you're successful, we're successful, and we pride ourselves on being great listeners and tremendous problem solvers.