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You Don’t Have to be a Designer to Create Amazing Graphics

If you post on behalf of a company on multiple social media platforms, you know it can become a challenge to consistently create new and interesting posts. As much as we want to just post the cute dog video that comes across your feed, we know it’s not the best practice (or at least not every day!).
Historically, we have been using the application This is a basic photo editing tool that is like the paint feature that can be found on your PC. We found ourselves becoming boring and repetitive, posting a plain color background with the occasional text over top and a border.  Don’t get us wrong, is a great tool, we were just ready to change things up a bit for our posts.
We were introduced to the tool Canva by a fellow co-worker. As soon as we logged into Canva, we were in love. The site offers so many templates for blogs, social media posts, posters, ads and more. It’s also very easy to navigate through and creating our first post was very intuitive. Once you are logged in, the site will prompt you to choose the design you want to create (Facebook post, poster, card, etc.).
Once you choose the design you want to create, you then have different tools you can use to build your project. You may choose a layout, elements (photos, grids, frames, shapes, lines, illustrations, icons and charts), text, background, and you may also upload your own images.
After you are finished creating your design, all you must do is select the file type you want to save it as and download it.  Creating professional posts via Canva is easy and the finished product looks very personalized and unique. You can get a free Canva account or a paid version for $12.95 a user/per month, and it looks like they are coming out with an enterprise package soon. Overall, this site has been a lifesaver that has helped keep our posts looking fresh.
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