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Tips To Engage Your Employees in Online Training

Always emphasize the benefits and on-the-job applications of the online training session. Employees simply aren’t going to be motivated to learn if they aren’t aware of the real world value and benefits of the subject matter. If you give them real world applications or reasons on why they should perform their online training sessions, it helps to set the stage for their personal and professional growth in their specific job roles. They can then see the direct benefit; like how to upsell on a new desert item or add on bottle of wine sale will directly affect their overall tips and put more money in their paycheck at the end of the night. This will keep their motivation up and their attention focused on the task at hand, which is absorbing the key takeaways from the online training.
Encourage an online training culture within your company. Online training should be more than a mandatory activity. It should be part of the culture of your company. Most of your younger staff members are probably expecting some form of online training. Your employees should also realize how greatly they can benefit professionally from their online training, and must be well aware of how much your company values their true devotion and participation. While mandatory online training can be boring and frustrating for employees, if you make it your mission to embrace online training and to encourage your employees to get on board, then you can put a positive spin on the overall online training experience and motivate them. Send out newsletters and emails that stress the benefits of an online training module or event, and get them excited about improving their skills and mastering new tasks.
Give them a variety of interactive opportunities. Knowing your audience and understanding that there is a variety of Learning styles and tailoring your Training to those different learning styles will help tremendously in the adoption and usage of an Online Training program. Using videos for the younger generation is highly recommended for this group. They are used to pulling up videos online to learn how to perform a certain task or method of operation. Also, interactive games or gamification is a great tool to create further enhance the engagement of the Online training. It just makes it more fun to play a game then read a bunch of black and white text. This will help motivate your employees because they will actively participate and gain that knowledge as it becomes more fun for the employees to actively participate in the process.
Set up a reward or incentive program. One of the most powerful ways to motivate employees in online training is to offer them rewards or incentives. If they are performing well and passing all of their assessments with flying colors, offer them some form of praise or create an incentive system that allows them to earn credits or points for their hard work. While learning skills and acquiring new knowledge should be its own reward, there are times when employees need that extra boost to complete online training modules or attend online training events. You can also gamify your online training in order to integrate rewards, such as allowing them to advance to the next level once they’ve finished a module.
If you’re looking for ways to engage your employees and to achieve the maximum job performance boost out of your online training, then it’s all about motivation. Each of these tips to motivate your employees can help you to get them excited and inspired, so that they can become active participants in the online training process.
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