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“The Myth of Learning Styles Infographic” Take Away

People are not all programmed the same way which means there are different ways that people learn; seven to be exact. They are: visual, aural, interpersonal, intrapersonal, mathematical, verbal and kinesthetic. Most content developers believe that you must teach users in their preferred learning style to show better outcomes. Others have argued that this concept is “misunderstood and not scientifically proven”. Experts have suggested that content developers should consider users backgrounds and interests, not just learning styles. If you are incorporating styles make sure that you use multiple methods not just one technique. Be prepared to change your content after hearing feedback and seeing your users results. Know that it is okay to go through a trial and error process, not all learners are equal and that is okay because there are many different options to deliver your content to them.  
This infographic from eLearning Industry is a great read for anyone out there creating online courses. 
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