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Short and Sweet…Online training lends itself to short bursts of training.

The Old Way
Many companiesand trainingprofessionalssubscribe to theidea thatformal training shouldbe instructorled andlast hoursand hoursActually, The Old Way ofthinking doesntalways come fromtrainers or instructionaldesigners but fromClevelexecutives and VPsat companiesthat thinkof trainingas anafterthoughtand expectemployee level trainingto resembletheir experiences inhigher education. However, as trainingcontinues to evolveand maturehow bestto delivertraining to managersand employeeshas dramaticallychanged.
Small Bit Size Chunks
Short bursts oftraining utilizing instructionalvideos and PowerPointsthat focuson specifictopics, that canbe accessedby students(employees and managers) just intime, shouldbe usedrather than longdrawn out formaltraining methodsThe benefitof keepingtraining content short and sweet isthat learnerscan accesscontent while onthe jobquickly, learn whatthey needand moveon……thisis powerfulAlso, trainees are muchmore engagedand muchmore likelyto use(and reuse) trainingcontent that isshort compared tohour longor even30 minute courses.
Compartmentalize Topics
Rather than tacklea topicin onelarge course, compartmentalizingtopics into shortlibraries of subtopicsallows learners toaccess the exactknowledge they needto performin themoments of needForexample, rather thanhaving an hourlong Work Place Safety Course, itwould be betterto havea learneropen upa shortcourse on Fire Extinguisher Safety orLadder SafetyWithproper compartmentalizationtrainees can quickly find andaccess training contentin thecontext of whatthey aretrying to learnand achieveon thejob orwhen theymay needa quickrefresher.
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