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Active Learning Is Essential to Your Online Training Courses

Imagine two different classes. In the first, the teacher leads debates, asks intriguing questions, and assigns collaborative group projects. In the second, you are expected to sit, listen, take notes, and take tests. Which class would you rather enroll in?

For many people, the first class wouldn’t just be a more engaging experience. It would tap into the power of “active learning” to help them retain more information in the long run.

An active learning environment pushes students to analyze and actively practice what they are learning as they are learning it. When you design an online training course for your organization, it is essential to consider how you can incorporate active learning techniques to help your employees better understand key concepts.

Peer Discussion

Setting up an online discussion group as part of your online training courses will improve your company is two key ways. First, it will encourage employees to share their knowledge and fully engage with the current training topic. Second, it will promote a friendly, helpful organizational culture.

eLearning Games

eLearning games are where work and play combine. Employees can have fun and earn rewards while practicing essential training concepts. The more employees win (and learn!), the more accomplished they will feel.

Reality-Based Scenarios

Answer the common question “Why do I need to know this?” by directly linking your training courses to the real world. A reality-based scenario asks what an employee would do in a specific situation, such as interacting with an unhappy customer. Then, it explains whether their choices will lead to the best outcome.

Encourage Urgency with a Timer

In the real world, we can’t sit and mull over the answers to everyday questions. For certain exams and roleplay scenarios, it may help to set a timer. Employees will stay more focused and practice making choices under pressure. If you do choose a timed method, then don’t penalize employees for making mistakes. Use each mistake as a learning opportunity.

Start Designing Your Online Training Courses Today!

At LearningZen, we have built our easy-to-use learning management system with active learning in mind. Our clients can incorporate a wide variety of interactive learning methods into their cloud-based courses.

To find out how you can promote more successful employee training with LearningZen, please contact us today!


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