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15 Myths about online training

1. It’s too expensive – It used to be and some still are but most systems are very reasonable to get into today.

2. It takes too long to implement – Most systems are cloud based and can be set up in minutes instead of days.

3. Difficult to use – Student experiences are super simple these days, if it isn’t find one that is. Same goes for authoring tools.

4. Need a full-time administrator – Most systems today have removed the need to a full time LMS administrator it’s something you do to support your team but it’s not your full time job.

5. You must hire someone to build content – A good system with have a built in easy to use authoring tool. If yours doesn’t go shop around.

6. Not an effective way to train – e-Learning has the power to increase knowledge retention rates by up to 60%. 

7. It’s just for millennials – Even my mom can take a course on her iPad, completely untrue.

8. The more interactive, the more engaging – What ends up being important is clear and concise training messages. This can be a simple video, an animation, text to be read with corresponding images (of your staff, equipment or facility).

9. You need to be a graphic designer to make good looking courses – Most good systems come with an authoring tool, are template driven and allow anyone with subject matter expertise to create effective training courses.

10. It’s impersonal and unsocial – With easy to use and low cost tools available today you can absolutely put your stamp on every training module you deliver. A webcam is very powerful.

11. There’s no need for instructors any more. – e-learning is not designed to remove instructors but to augment their efforts with blended learning. Using different mediums will make sure all learning styles are addressed.

12. The tech stuff is going to be super hard and confusing and I stink at that – Find a system that is intuitive, if my 70+ mom(sorry mom) can take a course I’m confident your learning community can as well.

13. I must appear on camera and that’s intimidating – Video is just one option and it doesn’t need to be your face in the video. You can talk over images, PowerPoints, software simulations or have fun happy pictures. They don’t need to watch you as much as they need to hear and comprehend your message.

14. No one will buy my course because you can just Google everything – What is unique about your training message cannot be found on Google because it is in your head. It’s why you built your business. You aren’t building exactly what someone else has already done. Discuss your differentiators.

15. My course and site need to be perfect the first time, and can never evolve or change – One of the biggest myths out there. Training and courses can be modified and versioned. You can start with a small simple course and build upon that by releasing courses in iterations.

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