Employee Training & LMS for Shamrock Restaurants

Your diners’ opinion of your restaurant depends on their interactions with frontline employees. 

Front-of-house staff are the face of your brand, driving reviews, ratings, and the overall customer experience. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a smaller take-out restaurant, or one that offers a full-service dining experience — your customers expect to be treated well. Restaurants that invest in training see their brand go from good to great. 

LearningZen has four suites of FREE training templates to help you kickstart your training offerings. The courses include editable templates that allow you to easily insert your business information, images, videos, and questions. Our four suites cover the following topics:

  • General training
  • Safety training
  • COVID-19 protocols
  • Diversity in the workplace

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It’s Never Been More Important to Be Agile, Current, and Flexible

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  • $699/month *billed annually
  • 500 users
  • 5 authors
  • 50 managers
  • Training
  • Tech support


  • $549/month *billed annually
  • 300 users
  • 5 authors
  • 30 managers
  • Training
  • Tech support


  • $349/month *billed annually
  • 100 users
  • 5 authors
  • 10 managers
  • Training
  • Tech support

Quick to Market

  • 2-day minimum setup and implementation
  • Keep up with changing COVID-19 restrictions

Easy to Use

  • User-friendly, intuitive course creation tools support DIY training
  • Integrated with Vzaar, the world’s best video hosting service

Hands-On Customer Support 

  • Achieve your goals with guidance from experienced trainers
  • Access boutique-style customer support 

Boost Engagement 

  • Engaging trainings ensure your audience absorbs knowledge
  • Show your employees instead of telling them

Training Solutions Built for Restaurants

Is your business struggling with staff turnover, high food costs, or less than desirable reviews? How about long onboarding times, improper safety protocols, or not enough time to complete your tasks? 

Engage the experts who can help you do something about it. 

LearningZen can help you build an easily updated online training program so you can deliver meaningful, relevant employee education. We’ve learned that training needs to be scalable, editable, and delivered at a moment’s notice. Employees can learn at their own pace and use technology familiar to them, and you’ll know your staff is educated on the most recent protocols. 

If you’re committed to learning and development, LearningZen can help your company build, load, and launch your training — seeing ROI in as little as 60 days. Schedule a demo today.

About LearningZen

LearningZen is a small, customer-first online training platform trusted by hundreds of brands to deliver meaningful, current, mobile-friendly training solutions to support your business. 

Doug Mark, LearningZen President