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Safety & Diversity

LearningZen has four suites of FREE training templates to help you kickstart your training offerings. The courses include editable templates that allow you to easily insert your business information, images, videos, and questions. Our four suites cover the following topics:

  • General training
  • Safety training
  • COVID-19 protocols
  • Diversity in the workplace
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Cultivate Advisors

Leadership & Sales

Cultivate Advisors offers more than 40 leadership and sales training online courses. The courses, which are built by highly-skilled trainers, feature engaging videos of relatable work scenarios. The courses cover the following topics:

  • Employee development
  • Impactful communication
  • Personal productivity
  • Dynamic leadership
  • Prescriptive selling
  • And more

Cultivate Advisors’ courses can be purchased with an add-on fee.

With offices across North America, Cultivate Advisors has advised over 1,000+ brands and has expanded by more than 600% in the last three years.


Employee Engagement & Leadership

Julie Ann Sullivan is the author of “Catalysts of Culture & Blueprint For Employee Engagement.” She has partnered with LearningZen in the past to offer virtual and live facilitated leadership sessions, and she would love to hold a session for your organization. Her sessions are immersive and thought-provoking, and they lead to real change in company culture.

If investing in your business and your leadership team to improve or establish a better culture I think that starts and ends with Julie Ann Sullivan and we are proud to be referring her to our clients and really any business that wants to invest in their people and culture.


“I had the pleasure of attending several Employee Engagement Masterclass sessions led by Julie Ann Sullivan, along with my leadership team. First and foremost, I can emphatically say that we were all impressed by Julie Ann’s ability to teach, guide and extricate thoughts and feelings. Julie Ann has a way of establishing a safe space where we feel open and willing to share meaningful thoughts, and create true and lasting change.

Now that I have worked directly with her and read her books, “Catalysts of Culture, and Blueprint for Employee Engagement,” I understand the value of having Julie Ann expertly facilitate these sessions. To enhance our service to the LearningZen customers, we are forming a partnership for this Employee Engagement Masterclass.

If you are looking to invest in your organization’s workforce culture, I personally think that starts and ends with Julie Ann Sullivan. Learning Zen is proud to be referring her to our clients and all businesses that want to invest in their people and their culture.”

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