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Online training made easy.

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LearningZen is a unique online training platform that allows businesses to easily set up their own online training courses in their private portal with our effective web-based training software. You finally have a way to get consistent training to anyone that is measurable, tracked and accessed anywhere, anytime. 

Our easy to use web-based training software can help you to create your own quality online training courses, thereby increasing productivity and providing an unbeatable return on investment. The online platform will allow companies and organizations to effectively train their staff at a low-cost, without the need for hardware or software. Capturing how things should be done correctly on video and adding that to a course ensures everyone is learning the same way which will increase consistency everywhere. 

Standard Features

Easy to use

  • Course Builder

  • Video Upload Hosting

  • Tracks/Paths

  • Reports

  • Metrics

  • Notifications

  • Course Due Dates

  • Assessments & Quizzes

  • Instructor Led Course Management

  • e-Commerce

  • Policy Adherence and acknowledgements

  • Integration with 3rd party sites and content providers

  • Reviews and ratings

  • Self-Registration and/or Course Assignments

  • Managers

  • CEU/Credit Hours

  • Certificates of Completion

  • API & SSO