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Easy to Use Online Training Platform.

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Online training made easy.

Easy To Use Online Training Platform

At Learning Zen, we provide a unique learning management system that provides clients the opportunity to create their own interactive training courses through a private portal. Our E-Learning platform allows employers to maintain a consistent training standard that is accessible throughout the world at any given time.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs


Our online training platform allows businesses to increase their productivity by providing a simple solution for them to train employees at a low cost. Our learning management system does not require hardware or software and is a simple solution for employers. By capturing training programs and additional course information, employers can ensure that employees are consistently being taught the same standards.

Expansive Online Features

We provide our clients with many features to incorporate into their e-learning platform. Our course builder walks clients through step by step program creation. We also utilize video upload hosting, reports, metrics, and notifications. Courses can be equipped to include assessments, quizzes, integration with third party sites, and instructor led course management. Participants can also have the option to print a certificate of completion. Our programs use the latest technology to maintain high levels of security.

Choose Learning Zen

We know that one of the most important aspects of running a company is the ability to effectively train employees. By choosing Learning Zen as your online training platform, we can have your program running within hours. Our packages include a wide variety of price points, including custom designed solutions to meet your specific needs. We serve clients throughout the United States including Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, and Los Angeles. We are committed to providing our clients with long term solutions and maintaining a relationship based on accountability, innovation, and collaboration. Contact us today at (877) 850-1214 to begin creating a learning management system to serve your business.