Our Response to Covid-19

Doug Mark's Letter to Our Partners

We are all facing unprecedented times, not only in business but society as a whole. We would first like to thank all the healthcare workers, emergency response teams, scientists, grocery store employees, truckers, delivery drivers and everyone else that is working on the frontlines to fight this pandemic. You are our heroes.

Our hearts break for every family having to deal with the loss of loved ones or suffering through the largest fight of their lives. We’ve made great progress in flattening the curve by staying home, wearing masks and gloves when we go out, washing our hands and keeping the faith. We must remain vigilant.

At LearningZen, we were built for this. We have seen and navigated rough waters before. LearningZen was born out of the 9/11 tragedy when the FAA needed a way to communicate and train all civilian pilots. They, too, had a dispersed community like many of you. We know online training works and helps bring a sense of calm and hope that even though everything is changing our leaders have a plan and are preparing for the future.

Our entire staff is working from home but for many of us, this is not something new, so we hit the ground running. We’ve shored up a content partnership to bring you access to more off the shelf learning content with several courses being donated by our partner Cultivate Advisors for free. We’ve been building our own COVID-19 suite of courses for things like Working from Home, Social Distancing, Health and Wellness, and even a course on Transforming Instructor-Led Training into Online/e-learning courses. We’ve made these available to every client for free, forever. We promise we will keep building these free courses as new information gets released. We meet daily to discuss the news and what else we can be doing to support our community and improve our product. We will never stop working for you.

LearningZen is nothing without our amazing clients and we are confident that you are better equipped than businesses without an LMS. You have the perfect platform in place to support your stay at home orders, re-openings, cleaning practice changes, social distancing and in some cases full pivot’s. COVID-19 is affecting everyone so having the ability to adjust, refine and address changes head-on is paramount to all of our success. If we can’t have boots on the ground in every location, we can have their likeness via video to ensure everyone knows how to do their job correctly, no matter how different that role looks today.

As we all move forward, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. If you or your business are engaging in any initiatives, we would love to hear and share it with our community. If we can help in any other way, please contact support to see how LearningZen can partner with your business to successfully get through these hard times. We will get through this together. Let’s all stay safe.

Doug Mark