IFA 2017 Show special!!!

Time to celebrate the perfect partnership between LearningZen and the Franchising community. Purchase a new LearningZen portal any day in the month of February 2017 using the promo code IFA2017 and you’ll get your choice of 2 show specials:

• 25% off the first year’s contract


• Work with us to develop your first two e-learning courses for free (up to 20 hours)

LearningZen caters to your industry

LearningZen caters to Franchising. We have been supporting franchising and the International Franchise Association (IFA) community for over 7 years. From multi-unit fast casual to fine dining restaurants, service based businesses, fun centers, education centers, retail establishments and emerging franchises... you name it. LearningZen allows you to create a best in class training solution to support franchisors, franchisees, multi-unit owners, managers and employees and even your service providers.

Each franchise we work with has a unique set of challenges and hurdles to overcome. That’s why having an LMS with an easy to use course authoring tool and video hosting service is key. You can build the training that is unique to your brand and make sure everyone; from corporate employees to franchisees, managers, full and part time employees are trained consistently. Consistency, replication, duplication and brand awareness is at the very core of franchising. A consistent training program gets everyone rowing the same direction.

Your brand is so important to your business. That's what you are selling and what owners are buying. Making sure that the customer experience at every location is wonderful is so critical in the franchise world. A bad review at one location can negatively affect the entire brand, not just one location. Training not only your franchise owner but providing some consistent operations training for the employees will help create the customer experience you hope to achieve. We know your staff wants to understand how they are being measured, what does their job entail and how they can be successful. The LearningZen team understands this and works with you to make sure all your franchise training needs are being met.

According to Forrester, 75% of people are more likely to watch a video than read training collateral, PowerPoints, and emails.

Some of our clients.

Corporations save between 50% and 70% when they replace instructor-based training with eLearning. Training with e-Learning means that courses can be delivered in shorter sessions and spread out over different days so that the business would not lose an employee for entire days at a time. Additionally, it improves productivity as employees no longer need to travel or fight rush-hour traffic to get to a class.