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Laura Hitz - CFE / Learning Manager
American Poolplayers Association

"In the year that I have been affiliated with LearningZen, I can honestly say that not only is the platform easy to use, but the customer service and support is excellent. I have never had to wait long for a response, as the support team has always been available, either via email or telephone. "

"This excellent support has allowed me to respond to Franchisee questions and difficulties in a timely manner. I certainly did not have this excellent experience with my previous LMS, which was cumbersome and difficult to use. I am elated to be working with the team at LearningZen, and I highly recommend LearningZen to any business that would like to utilize online courses for quick and effective training."

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Al Newman - Director of Training
Hungry Howies

"Switching to LearningZen was the best decision I ever made. The ability to build the courses online was exactly what I was looking for."

"Content uploads, user management, and numerous reports makes it easy to educate mass audiences. My courses are no longer glorified Power Point presentations, and Authoring Software is a distant memory!"

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Morgan O'Leary - Web Designer
Desert View Homes

"We are a home building company which services Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Due to our wide reach, training for our sales team was a struggle. Thanks to LearningZen we are not only able to track training, but can broaden the scope of our training. Our sales team is receiving their sales training and learning about the other division of the company to help them better serve our customers.

Working with a program that has so many unique features would be daunting, but the LearningZen group definitely focused on usability with this program making it enjoyable to work with. We were given our own sweet, customer care representative who checks in regularly with us to ensure everything is running smoothly. We would recommend LearningZen to anyone who needs to streamline their training. It is such an important factor to a business and many struggle to find the best training strategies. LearningZen has a ton of options and a great team who works with you every step of the way making it an enjoyable experience."

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Dianna Worthington - Franchise Consultant
Mr. Rooter Plumbing

"As a franchisor and former educator, I believe offering franchisees a quality training program is the key to communicating brand expectations and providing tools for personal and business growth."

"Quality training platforms can be difficult to find. High costs, complicated systems set up and navigational issues are just a few of the areas that prohibit many companies from moving forward with providing a solid e-learning experience. LearningZen has proven to be the answer to our training needs and eliminated the roadblocks we experienced with other learning platforms. Ease of use, smart design and an incredible offering of editing tools makes this system a dream from a trainer's perspective. LearningZen also offers the unique capability of allowing system managers to enroll students, assigning courses and tracking training progress. I highly recommend LearningZen to anyone looking for an online learning platform that will exceed expectations on both system offerings and exceptional customer support."

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David Domine - CFE
Christian Brothers Automotive

"LearningZen has radically improved our entire training department. Our franchisees are more informed, engaged, and better trained to be successful." Our new stores are now more successful and there's no question that LearningZen helped make that possible!"

Bryan Williams - D.M. Chief Service Officer

"Always responsive" and "Eager to serve" are two phrases that easily come to mind when thinking of the LearningZen team. In all of my years of dealing with technology companies, I have never come across one with such a commitment to service excellence.

On more than one occasion, I've asked a question to the support team, and my response has been an email, voicemail, AND a customized webinar recording, showing me step by step (and screen by screen) how to resolve the issue. Impressive indeed.In my line of work, I help companies build strong service cultures, so I'm particularly keen on how companies treat their customers. I must say that I'm very impressed with LearningZen, and I can confidently recommend them to other businesses searching for a top-notch LMS provider."

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Dan Harris - Senior Ops and Training Manager
Pie 5

"Pie Five Pizza is a rapidly-expanding fast casual concept that offers individual handcrafted pizzas with fresh ingredients made to order and prepared in less than five minutes. Proper training is particularly important in the hospitality industry, as it is essential that we provide the best possible product and experience to each guest on every visit.

As an operation that went from a single store to nineteen stores in just over two years, we quickly outgrew our basic training programs. LearningZen provided the tools and resources to shift from a paper-based system to an electronic format. This allowed us to achieve consistency in training between locations, as well as the ability to track results in various markets across the country, which was vital given our ambitious growth strategy. The system is very intuitive and easy to navigate, and allows for a variety of different training formats. The LearningZen support team is friendly, informed, and always available for whatever assistance may be needed. I highly recommend LearningZen for any company that believes that effective training is imperative to their success, and wants a proven solution that can adapt to differing needs, formats, and scope of operation."

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